Give yourself a moment of relax in our Wellness Centre!
Can bask in our zone comfort for once Boundless or to choose 1 some Massages under proposed for a pleasant and relaxing day!

Opened every day from 16:30 to 20:00 with possibility to ask for an out-schedule before the opening schedule.

The use of the custom is Obligatory and the entry is reserved to the greatest of 14 years.

The entry for the External guests, previous anticipated telephone booking, is of 20,00 euro per person and it will be possible to rent optionally 1 kit complete of towel, flip-flops and bathrobe to the cost of euro 5,00 per person.

It's requested also the anticipated booking for the massages!

WellnessCly waits you to give you an experience turns to your serenity and spiritual energy!