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Maison Cly Hotel & Restaurant

Your holiday in Chamois

Everybody can walk safely through the streets of Chamois, leading to charming little hamlets which can be discovered and explored even by moonlight.

And beyond these characteristic villages, with their hidden corners, stone houses and small fountains, a level path leads to La Magdaleine, with its watermill, andto the mountain meadows of Veuillen. This walk is enriched by the fun yet educational open-air exhibition about renewable energy sources.

On foot or by chair lift, you can easily reach the refreshing banks of Lod Lake, at an altitude of 2,000 meters. Here you’ll find our Freida Fontana Hut, where you can taste simple traditional dishes or just have a drink while admiring an enviable mountain landscape. You can also take advantage of the wonderfully well- equipped picnic and barbecue area nearby.

For those who truly love mountains, clear skies, emotions of high altitude and the fragrances of the forest, Chamois offers hikes which range from easy to demanding. To fully appreciate the beauties that this territory has to offer, you can ask for a nature guide from reception.

Lots of paths lead to mountains and ridges overlooking unparalleled views of Matterhorn, Monterosa or Gran Paradiso.
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