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Local flavours and fragrances
Maison Cly Hotel & Restaurant

Food is prepared with the greatest care by our Head Chef, Fabrizio Polacchini, who passionately aims to offer his guests delicacies which are an experience to remember forever.

Dinner is considered the climax of your day. After a small entrée – which is different each time – you’ll be free to choose from the menu which varies according to the season, or from the main courses and desserts offered on the day. Our culinary proposal, accompanied by a wide selection of local wines, recommended in a wise way by our Maitre, will lead you on a fantastic enogastronomic journey of flavors, aromas and colors.
Children are particularly taken care of with a specific kid’s menu.

The Chef combines tradition with innovation, using farm-to-table products, that are cooked wisely and carefully.
Everything is strictly home-made, from the marinades for meat and fish, to the fresh pasta and desserts. The same care is taken in finding and preparing the right products for the breakfast buffet, which boasts locally prepared jams and yoghurts, cakes, plum cakes and muffins fresh from the oven.

The attentive and cordial dining room service will immediately make you feel at ease, meeting your every request and requirement, offering you a positive and pleasant experience in a warm and welcoming environment.

Maison Cly Restaurant offers the possibility, even to outside guests, to try the traditional cuisine of Chamois.
Reservations: phone 0039 0166 47 139
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Cly Restaurant
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Fontana Freida Hut
We'd like to seduce you with our wide range of the best wines
and traditional local dishes.