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The streets in Chamois are for walking freely; lead to the hamlets to be discovered one by one even at night in the moonlight. In addition to the characteristic hamlets with their hidden corners, stone houses and small fountains, it is also possible to reach La Magdeleine with its mills and the pasture of Veuillen on a flat path. The walk is enriched by the playful-educational exhibition en plein air on the theme of energy from renewable sources. Comfortably by chairlift or on foot, you can reach the refreshing shores of Lake Lod at 2000 meters above sea level, where our Fontana Freida hut is located, the ideal place to refresh yourself with simple traditional dishes, or simply sip a drink in the presence of a truly enviable frame of mountains. Nearby it is also possible to take advantage of the beautiful area equipped for picnics and barbecues. For those who love the real mountains, clear skies, the strong emotion of altitude and the scent of the woods, Chamois is the ideal place for excursions at all levels, from easy to more challenging. To fully enjoy the beauties of the area it is possible to request the presence of a nature guide at the reception. Countless paths lead to mountains and ridges from which it is possible to enjoy incomparable views of the Matterhorn, Monte Rosa or Gran Paradiso.

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